Goal Line offers a variety of services: Embroidery, Screen Printing, Digital Printing, and CAD Cut.  Goal Line also sells conch apparel and offers wholesale services.


Embroidery is embellishing garments with thread. Goal Line provides exceptional embroidery branding of business logos, names, uniforms, and hats. Our ability to embroider the garment is based on how we can hoop it and fit into the machine.

Like any application of embellishing on garments, the process starts with the artwork. A printed version of artwork differs from a sewn version of artwork. How your company logo appears on paper may not be possible by sewing.

Embroidery is versatile, and allows for extensive customization. Customers choose embroidery time, and time again over, over other kinds of garment embellishing. Examples – go to embroidery

Clients decide on embroidery branding for many reasons. One important reason is for marketing. Another important reason is to create uniformity among the staff. For whatever reason you need embroidery done:

1st – Provide Us The Artwork (e-mail to

2nd – Meeting to discuss artwork and the work needed

3rd – Order garments to be printed.

The cost of embroidery depends on the thread count; the higher the thread count the higher the cost.

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Digital Printing (Click to Expand)

Digital printing is the use of a state of the art garment digital printer that Goal Line has on property.

There is no minimum for Digital Printing.

We offer digital printing to our customers because it allows us to print as little a one item.

The cost for digital printing is higher per piece, but it allows the customer to test, decide, and experiment before making larger orders.

Many of our customers choose this form of printing because it’s cost effective and our digital printer produces exceptional printing results.

There is a catch. Digital printing is best on white or light color garments.

The process of printing fuses into the garment, and darker colored garments absorb ink into the fabric that they are not as vibrant as they should be with lighter colored garments and this is when we recommend screen printing to clients.

The cost of Digital Printing is more per item (verses screen printing) but there is no minimum.

Screen Printing (Click to Expand)

Screen printing is the process of dye laid onto the garment using screens that are cut out based on your artwork. The dye is dried after the screen printing process.

Like any form of garment printing, the screen printing also starts with the artwork. A printed version of artwork differs a screen printed version of artwork. How your company logo appears on paper may not be exactly how it appears screen printed on a garment.

Goal Line requires a minimum order requirement for screen printing. The minimum requirement is 37 pieces .

The cost of screen printing depends on several things:

There is a screen printing fee set up that involves the creation of the screens for printing. The screen set up is a one time cost and will not be charged for future screen printing jobs – just as long as the screens maintain their integrity.

Again artwork is a factor in all things printed. If artwork needs to be edited or altered in anyway for sewing there will be an additional cost.

Conch Designs (Click to Expand)

Goal Line offers apparel with the Conch branding.

We have Conch apparel that include hats, bags, polo shirts, t-shirts and more.

We are the only store in the Florida Keys that offers a complete selection of Conch apparel and Conch design customization when you want.

CAD Cut (Click to Expand)

CAD Cut Printing is the process of cutting out your art work and hot pressing designs are designs that are hot pressed onto the garment.

Cut Printing allows us to provided printed art and letter on materials that digital, embroidery, and screen printing may not hold.