1979 – Patrick Labrada opened a sporting goods store to provide the local community athletic wear (uniforms) and equipment.  After a short time in business he saw the need for uniforms to be printed locally.  Pat purchased local printing equipment and decided to do the printing himself.  The business grew into more than just team wear and Pat pulled his wife, Terri Labrada, into the business to manage.

The printing side of the business grew more than into team wear, expanding to doing local businesses and events.

“Patrick Labrada printed the first Conch Republic T-Shirt (When the boarder patrol set up to stop people from entering the Keys) within 24 hours he had Army of the conch t-shirts available.”

Goal Line grew and expanded by opening up a larger shop in Luani Plaza.  Goal Line continued doing minor sporting goods and the printing side expanding from hand printed screen printed to automated machinery.  The business grew to such a point that the automated printing was on display at the front of the house – people use to watch the automated machine printing happen while we worked in the back of the house.

1990 – Goal Line wanted to expand into embroidery, and Mike Rodriguez was looking to retire from his Paradise Sandwich Shop.  Goal Line Embroidery was opened to expand Goal Line Sports, and Screen Printing.