Frequently Asked Questions

I Need Custom Apparel Branding Created - How Do I Get Started? 

Any apparel branding starts with the artwork.  These are some questions we ask every client when we first meet.  When clients are able to provide the following details - client job production happens efficiently.


Do you have the artwork you want to use?

If the answer is Yes:  Please e-mail artwork to: info@goallineembroidery.com.  Goal Line will need to review artwork and will respond accordingly.

If the Answer is No:  Perhaps you only have business card, a photo, a hat, or a shirt that the artwork/design is printed on – Please do the following:

1. Bring artwork to the shop for review.


2. Scan artwork and e-mail to us at info@goallineembroidery.com for review.


Is artwork in format for embroidery/screen printing?

Please provide artwork in vector EPS format.  Artwork provided in vector EPS  is the best artwork format for embroidery and screen printing.  Goal Line will review artwork in the format provided, but please know that vector EPS is our preference.


Do you have a deadline?

It is critical to let us know if you have a deadline.

Embellishment on garments is a process. The process starts with the artwork, the garments (polos, t-shirt, etc) that are printed on, and printing time. The time table often depends on whether garments are in-stock or need to be ordered (2-3 day delivery.)

Delivery of garments, and printing are not what often causes delays.  It is edits to the client artwork, and garment selection that is what can cause addition time requirements.

If we know you have a deadline we will do our best to meet it.


What type of apparel do you want to print on?

Goal Line has an extensive selection of brand name apparel in-stock and quick to order (2-3 delivery) whether you want to print Hats, Uniforms, Bags, Aprons, Polo Shirts or T-Shirts.

Goal Line will embroider garments that are provided. Please note when garments are provided Goa Line is not responsible for damages due to embroidery.  When garments are ordered through Goal Line - if damages occur due to embroidery there is no charge for the garment.


Do you have the apparel that you want to print on?

Goal Line offers a huge inventory in-stock and 2-3 day orders (what we don’t have in stock) if we provide the garment of your choice.

Goal Line is happy to embroider garments that are not purchased from us, but Goal Line is not responsible for any damage to garment during the embroidery process.